My name is Jóel K. Hrafnsson, I’m an artist / illustrator currently operating in Reykjavík, Iceland. I was born in Akureyri and have been drawing ever since I remember. I have done a variety of works, both in leisure and professionally such as album covers, two separate Tarot decks and a comic book series I wrote and illustrated which was published by Norn Comix (www.norncomix.com).

I do take on freelance jobs, but with a few conditions:
Since I am loaded with projects scheduled quite far into the future when this is written, I can only consider larger/serious works. This includes but is not limited to, album covers for bands, book covers / illustrations, concept art, etc.

I do not do:

-Logos or graphics for companies or businesses, although I always consider logos for bands or musicians, which I have made in the past.
– Portraits / family portraits etc.
– Caricatures
– Wall paintings (unless a large one for a minimum of ISK 2.000.000)

Other than that I’m open to any ideas. Any questions and inquiries can be sent to thuleserpent@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Serious inquiries only.


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