The Sinister Tarot of the North

Tarot deck of The SNO, illustrated by Jóel Hrafnsson.

Tarot of the North: Sinister Tarot

‘The expressions here unleashed are of unrestrained cosmic and psychic energies; they are destructive, disruptive and diabolical, but above all, the cards represent those hidden sinister forces within us and within the cosmos that allow a human to open the floodgates to the magickal potential of evolution and liberation. This particular synthesis of dark arts however is generally dangerous to the unaware and caution is advised.

The images, carefully constructed, enhance the flow of energy between the subtle and the physical and allow insight into the hidden, shadowy subterranean currents; enabling one to confront and grapple with abyssal forces inaccessible by everyday consciousness.’

Second Edition (Dark Gods version)

  • Limited printing (this 2nd edition features color enhancements, new artwork and higher quality material)
  • ‘Dark Gods’ Major Arcana + Full Minor Arcana (65 paintings and illustrations)
  • 65 large cards (9 x 13cm) with quality linen finish and UV coating
  • Comes boxed with booklet in English
  • Price $ 369, including shipping and handling, for inquires, contact
  • Deck is located in Iceland.

© J. K. Hrafnsson / SNO 2019

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